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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 24, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm garvin thomas. coming up today in the bay, hundreds of thousands pour into san francisco to celebrate the lbgt community. egypt, thousands wait to hear who will be their first democratically elected president. plus, a flag on the play. $30 million yanked from the 49ers stadium fund out of nowhere. this is "today in the bay." we begin this morning with a live look outside city of oakland. the time is 7:00. thank you very much for joining
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us. good morning. i'm garvin thomas in for kris sanchez. the man to my right has all the information about the weather. you want to listen to what he has to say. >> it's good. nice to have good news to talk about in terms of the forecast. it's chilly in morning. clear skies which allowed temperatures can and north bay valleys into the mid-40s. i know it's june but you need a light jacket through 8:00 this morning. if you're heading out to the pride events, this morning, on the cool side. this afternoon as the breeze kicks in around 4:00, should be a nice day. low 60s around san francisco. we're looking at low 70s to mid-70s in livermore and pleasanton. the reason we continue to see this relatively cool pattern is an area offshore going to cross the coast as we go into monday. believe it or not, temperatures are going to turn even cooler. we'll be talk more about that and the impact on the seven-day forecast as we get back to the
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work week coming up in a few minutes. >> one of the days you grab the coat, by noon you say, why do i have it? >> and then need it again 4:00. it's one of the biggest celebrations in the world. hundreds of thousands will line market street in san francisco for this year's gay pride parade. a live look at the start -- or map of where the parade route is going to go, market at beale where the pa trade, heading down market street and winds up at san francisco civic center for main stage celebration. several side streets will be shut down between beale and the civic center. thousands celebrated last night in castro at annual pink party. this year the street party toned it down by banning alcohol and they hired security guards to search everyone coming in. violence has overshadowed pink parties.
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in 2010 a 19-year-old was hot and killed and two by standers were injured and last year a gang shooting killed pink participants. from occupied, bay area activists are using the pride parade to make a statement against corporate america. activists will start at 10:00 and try to occupy the parade, marching to protest what they say is the commercialization of the events by commercial upon sores. among those, wells fargo and comcast. it will end at market and eighth streets. $30 million, now yanked from the 49ers' new stadium in santa clara out of nowhere. they say they pulled the tax funds they promised for the stadium because they'd rather spend the money on education. the 49ers say voters specifically earmarked the redevelopment money to the
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stadium and the county has no right to keep it. the 49ers won't say if it will affect the construction which began in april. a lengthy court battle is likely. chp officers are continuing their search for a driver maybe been involved in a fatal south bay crash. they're looking for a white toy owed that sedan. a mountain view woman died when she lost control of her car and slammed into a tree about 6:30 last night. she was driving north on highway 85 in mountain view. the cph is asking for your help in locating the white toyota camry license plate number is 5 jnm316. a boy who saw a man beaten and shots in the streets of livermore is recovering from a gunshot himself. he saw three men shoot and beat a 20-year-old man early saturday morning. right now that man is clinging to life at an east bay hospital
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with a gunshot wound to the chest. the boy who witnessed the attack was treated at the hospital and released. sfz say the shooting was likely gang-related. new details in the jerry sandusky trial. we're hearing from the jurors. sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 criminal counts for sexually abusing young boys. this morning we're learning sandusky's lawyers tried to quit on the eve of the trial claiming they hadn't had enough time to prepare. the judge said no. when the verdict was announced, a community that once applauded sandusky's victory applauded to his downfall. >> just the look on his face, no real emotion, just kind of accepting, you know, because he knew it was true. >> sandusky is facing a minimum
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sentence of 60 years in prison and a maximum fine of more than -- a maximum of more than 400. happening now. egypt is awaiting word on who will be its number president as police and protesters brace for violence. a live look at tahrir square where military are given shoot to kill for those who might delay the vote. the election pits the former prime minister against a challenger from the muslim brotherhood. irs the first time they have democratically elected a leader. >> a mall reduced to rubble as they search for clues about what caused the collapse. behind the scenes of "brave". we'll show you what it took to get the summer blockbuster from
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the computer screen to big screen. and we'll leave you with a live look outside. downtown san francisco, transamerica building. rob promises a beautiful i found a powerful new way to cut out arthritis pain. [ male announcer ] new icy hot arthritis lotion. powerful encapsulated menthol gets icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. power past pain. [ humming ] [ babbling ]
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welcome back to the program. 7:09 is the time. live look outside out at san francisco from san bruno. a few clouds out there but rob promising a nice day for all your outdoor activities. the investigation continues at a canadian mall this morning after part of its roof collapses. take a look at cell phone video taken moments after yesterday's accident in ontario. four people were treated for nonlife threatening injury. the roof had served as an open-air parking lot. turkey is denying claims one of its jets was spying on syria before it was shot down. lead rz say the military plane
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was attacked yesterday on international waters after mistakenly entering syrian air space. rescue ships are continuing to search for the two missing pilots. tensions have been on the rise between the two nations since the start of siree's 15-month-long uprising. nato will meet tuesday to discuss the incident. forecasters are warning more tornados could touch down in southwest part of the country after debby created a path of deconstruction. rooftops were ripped off several homes. no one, fortunately, was hurt. much more ahead. coming up, a summer sneak preview. we show you the cutting edge technology behind "brave". and how far would you go to get that killer tan? the underground drug that gets under your skin to give you that golden bronze look just ahead.
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a live view of downtown san francisco. you can see mostly cloud-free right now turning windy this afternoon.
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thanks for being with us this morning. 7:13 is the time. looking out at san rafael. rob says it's going to be another nice day but cool in some areas. a bay area woman dead kaeted her life to finding e.t. will be honored. she's been the center doctor for mountain view since the inception. she spearheaded the search for extraterrestrial over three decades ago and she says she'll always keep up with the research. >> it's always great to have the
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opportunity that at any moment we might, in fact, get an alert from that automated system on those beautiful telescopes up there that says, hey, pay attention, something's going on. >> she's the inspiration for jodie foster's roehl in the movie "contact" called "steady com 2." sure shock one of this summer blockbusters and made right here in the bay area. scott went to the headquarters to get the scoop. >> i'm merida -- >> technology in movies is not exactly a brave new world but the newest technology in the world jumps off the screen during "brave," pixar's latest
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movie. >> fine artists and neither can overwhelm the over. >> reporter: we sat down with the producer in a medieval kilts. a. >> if you look at merida and her hair, we didn't have the technology to make that, and it's in her eyes and story telling and our technical people look at it and go, huh, and then dive in. >> every single scene has one challenge in particular that's unique to that seen and you bring it back to the technological character model. can't you give her another smile? no, it's not the motivation of the scene. >> i take it the job -- >> reporter: for pixar is the marriage of technology and story telling but they hope you really
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only notice one. >> our dream is people come out and how they felt about a character or moved or laughed at and then it will take them a while to get to this point. they say, wow, it was the animator. >> with hundreds of millions on the line it will be the sfoer being the story pushed forward by technology. >> pixar is now working on a sequel to "monsters inc." calling it "monsters university" and it will be out june 13th. they never mix, do they? >> no, amazing technology. it was great. you know, you worit's going to gorgeous to get outdoors. oakland, patchy low clouds. sunny but cool start to the morning. in fact, we're in the 40s in a
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few spots around the bay area. oakland not so much. you'll see temperatures ranging from mid-40s around the north bay where we're seeing temperatures right now in santa rosa 46 degrees. as we take a look at temperatures on the board, you'll be able to see we are in the 50s in sab yoe say. a5 5, san francisco and oakland. quite as cool. when you get into inscanned clear skies and dryer air. temperature have dropped off. the wind is not as strong this morning and it will be a later start to the sea breeze which allow us to warm up. into the afternoon safemart 350, low 70s this afternoon around sonoma as we head through the afternoon and evening. spoking of wind, we have tropical storm debby in the gulf of mexico. a challenging forecast which is
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changing by the hour. it now a strong tropical storm, 60-mile-an-hour wind. pressures continues to droop. notice we biggest one but we are we leaving a good place and going to a short plate. up towards mississippi and alabama as early as monday and tuesday. the upper level winds nudge the storm track with each one of these model runs to the north. something to watch for there in the gulf of mexico here in the next couple of days. back out to the west, we've got this trough, which is hung up across the west coast, keeping the sea breeze going. the reason our temperature for the first week of summer continue to be pretty cool. today, strong sea breeze kicking in which means 60s around the inhe bay. some showers off to the north. probably north of santa rosa. you can see here, futurecast throughout the afternoon, looks
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pretty clear but it will be breezy by afternoon with patchy low clouds out on the coast. low 70s around san jie say. morgan hill, gilroy, mid-70s, same and as we get bab into the north bay. there's that area of low pressure moves inland, it will be get cooler for monday. may see crystal temperature monday night. . we'll see a warm up. >> thank you very much. call it a killer tan. an underground drug is said to enhance that goal but health experts say it's illegal and very dangerous. kim has more. >> reporter: the search for the president tan is common. some worship the sun, some go to
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self-tanning lotions and some with injections. melanotan online by several companies. there's only one problem? >> it's not regulated, it's not fda approved and the studies aren't long enough. dr. lisa bennett is a term dolg who has certificates concerns with getting i substance like melonton or internet is you really don't know what you're getting. you could be employing simpt. >> synthetic hormone. >> reporter: which produces a tan. when injected, melontan simulating our significantment cells. >> i think the risk is very real. the low price $that bucks for
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the thin, clan and la keyed dough. doctor benefit says you're taking a big risk. >> we're having people inject it into their bodies. >> that was kim balan. >> the skin cancer association says 50% of men say they never use sunscreens and three-quarters leave it out there. experts say men over the age twice as likely to dwom women. much more ahead on the day. track and field shocker that couldn't get a bay area ehet bt in nascar race in sew none nome
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happening right now. want to give you a live look at tahrir square in egypt where the crowd is awaiting results of last weekend's presidential election. now, it was supposed to happen at around 6:00 this morning our time, but has been delayed. in fact, nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel just tweeted from the scene, a painfully long announcement of results still under way, going through complaints in detail, 35 minutes and counting. of course, we're waiting to see if a representative of the muslim brother hoot or the former prime minister will take over that country. we'll give you that news as soon as it is available. a dead heat could lead to an limb shakeup. in the 100 meter women's race at saturday's olympic track and field finals, allison field on the left and san jose native, jennifer bartomo crossing the
7:25 am
finish line exactly in third space. track representatives say one of the angles of the photo finish was blocked. >> it was inconclusive due to subdued torso. it is the torso that determines both time and place. >> now, u.s. track and field will have to figure out how to break the tie. ultimately decided who will make the third spot on the team. the race result isn't in dispute. it's just a matter of time before college basketball's top players become millionaires. the nba draft is this thursday and the golden state warriors have four picks. two in the first round, two in the second round. so far this week the warriors have invited myers leonard from illinois and quincy from baylor for workout you. nascar fans are in for a
7:26 am
treat as they roar into sonoma. comcast sports bay area brody brazil hit the track to find out. >> reporter: this is the part you have to perfect right here. ♪ >> what we love to do is give rides in the car. people really appreciate the demand it is and the physical demand, the mental demand it is to be in there for three hours, 140-degree tempted in the car. a lot of different mental toughness to keep yourself calm and relaxed in the cockpit. >> reporter: just like "the dukes of hazzard," right. >> all set? >> reporter: let's do it.
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♪ >> right there. nice. it was a blast. >> sure looked like it. much more ahead on "today in the bay," your guide to today's sgk your road trip now. good news about gas prices just ahead. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. let's take a peek outside the city of san jose. downtown this morning. 7:29 is the time. good morning. i'm garvin thomas.
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rob is here to give us a look at the forecast. >> patchy low clouds. san francisco, parade getting started at 10:cool side. light jacket weather this morning, mid-60s this afternoon. sew moment ma, low 70s, breezy for the afternoon. alameda county fair, one of the warmer spots. pleasantton, mid-70s. and oakland, bay bridge series, quite a game yesterday. start time earlier, 1:05, mid-60s for that. what you'll notice around lunchtime, inland valleys, upper 60s, low 70s. tomorrow may be cooler than today. we're going to try to explain what happened to summer coming up in your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> and i want to let everybody know, producer in the booth was telling us watching the scene in tahrir square, the crowd is going crazy. we'll wait for the news and bring it to everybody as it comes in. actually, i'll go right now with -- you're looking at the live picture.
7:31 am
i'm going to base this on reports from the associated press and richard engel tweeting from tahrir square saying mercy, brotherhood candidate declared in egypt, he represents the muslim brotherhood declared winner in egypt. election was last weekend. result were delayed. it was between the muslim brotherhood candidate and former prime minister. people were afraid it was either a choice toward a more islamic-american, unfriendly government our retreat to the past military power. obviously, it seems that decision has just been made. mohammed morsi has won the presidential runoff. there's a heavy police presence in tahrir square, worried about what would happen, what protesters would do.
7:32 am
we'll give you any developments as they come up. back to local news. hundreds of thousands of people showing their pride in san francisco, one the biggest celebrations in the world. the parade kicks off at market and beale at 10:30, followed by the main stage celebration at civic center from 11 to 6 p.m. several streets will be closed off and parking may be a problem. thousands of people celebrated last night in annual pink party. this year events organizers tried to ton it down by banning alcohol and hiring security guards move was meant to crack down on violence which has overshadowed the event for the past two years. earlier, ed lee and nancy pelosi joined a long list of dignitaries for the installation of giant pink triangle at twin peaks. >> this isn't about tolerance.
7:33 am
it's about respect. it's about taking pride. and that is what this weekend is about. >> the triangle was once used by nazis to identify gay people in concentration camps. a peninsula teenager is dead not far from facebook's new headquarters. a 19-year-old man was found with a single gunshot wound. he was rushed to stanford where he later died. police haven't released the victim's name and so far no one has been arrested. special education classes in oakland are going to look different when the new school year begins. the school district is slashing more than $4 million in special ed funding. among casualties, teachers and aides will not be retired and class sizes will grow larger. the district made the cuts to fix the budget shortfall which was discovered a month ago. usually a trip to the gas
7:34 am
station in the bay area means plenty of pain at the pump. but if you filled up your tank recently, you may have noticed prices going down. the recent price drop may just be the beginning. >> reporter: for 11 straight weeks the cost of gas has dropped across the country. >> gas prices are continuing to trickle down by a couple of cents a day. >> reporter: in sanyo say in a month a gallon of regular is down 40 cent, costing an average of $3.84. san francisco saw it go to $3.99 for a gallon. >> we had refinery issues, concerns about supply here in california, so those helped to push up the price over a month ago. for several weeks we've been on the downside of those influences and see prices drop. >> reporter: right now the price for a barrel of crude oil is $80, combined with economic gloom and drivers are reaping the benefits.
7:35 am
>> good for us, yes. we save money, yeah. >> of course it's good, you know. can't be bad. i mean, i'm all for it to go down even more. >> reporter: one prediction in california, a gallon of regular could drop another 75 cents. that would put the state average at $3.25, a long way from the $5 a gallon prices we saw in february. >> the national average for a gallon of gas is $3.45. california has the fourth highest gas prices in the country. in colorado, safety concerns are forcing firefighters to give up some ground on the biggest wildfire in the state's history. hot, dry weather and gusty winds are fueling two new wildfires near the massive fire that's skoevened 118 square miles. at least 191 homes are now destroyed west of ft. collins. much more ahead on "today in the bay."
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breaking news to give you out of egypt. the results of the country's first democratic presidential election have just been released within the last 15 minute. and the winner is the muslim brotherhood candidate mohammed morsi, now the democratically elected president of egypt. we'll keep you up to date on any new information from tahrir square as it becomes available. the life of a fallen soldier is now being remembered through a new statue that stands in his honor. a battlefield cross stands in front of the danville veterans memorial building for cachi. it depicts a pair of boots with a rifle and helmet perched on
7:39 am
top. it stands 5'6", that is exactly correll's height. in washington state rescue teams will try to revif the body of a fallen comrade. whiteout conditions stopped the rescue. an investigation is under way why hall fell. one of the climbers he rescued was praising him. >> i was watching him and saw him fall. what happened after that and what his team did, that was really incredible stuff. epic hero stuff, for sure. >> hall was a four-year veteran of the parks climbing program. he previously worked at yellowstone national park. max young is happy to be at home on solid ground in sacramento. his retirement dream was sailing around the world came to a rough ending this week when his boat collided with a whale off the coast of mexico. >> that nose of that boat went up.
7:40 am
when she came down, she came down, kabam! i mean, it just shoot. >> if not for sail bags on the side. boat, he says he would have wound up in the ocean with his boat slowly sinking. he radioed for help. he had to wait five hours for a cargo ship to rescue him. he's determined to sail around the world. his wife of 23 years wants him to find a new hobby. be much more. coming up, political power play. political analyst larry gersten weighs in just ahead. he's not the prettiest pup on the leash butn a pedestal anyutway. on a pedestal anyway. good morning! wow.
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want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. want to give you another quick look from tahrir square in egypt within the past hour a new president has been announced. the winner in the presidential election, mohammed morsi, a representative of the muslim brotherhood. the election had been held last week.
7:43 am
it was competition between morsi, and hosni mubarak, former president's, former prime minister. the crowd has been waiting for days for these results. the election happened last weekend. they put back the announcement of the result until today, which came within the past hour. one thing we'll keep an eye on in this situation is there's a heavy police and military presence around tahrir square waiting to see what happens with the protests -- with the crowd, once the presidential announcement is made. looking at the scene right now, looks like general celebration but we'll keep an eye on this situation and keep you updated throughout the newscast. cnbc's tyler mathisen has a look at the upcoming week in business. >> supreme court wraps up current term so expect a decision on patriot protection and obama care is constituti constitutional. it will impact health insurance carriers, pharmaceutical
7:44 am
companies and presumably many more. quarterly earnings out this week from big names like nike, general mills and research in motion, which is expected to report a huge loss after losing out on sales to apple, google and samsung. fresh reads on the u.s. housing market, including new home sales data and prices on those houses. it may tell us whether the housing bust has hit bottom or not. sara lee is splitting into two companies. one will be called hillshire brands, including ballpark, jimmy dean sausage and the other will be an international coffee and tea business called d.e. master blends 1753. go figure. and eighth annual aspen ideas festival takes place in colorado. culture leaders around the world on issues and challenges we face today. among this year's speakers, cnbc's own maria bartiromo.
7:45 am
i'm tyler mathisen, get all your business news on cnbc. >> you can get all your business and tech news before the bell weekdays on "today in the bay" starting at 4:30 a.m. most people look at recently enact the state budget as a testament to force laws forcing legislators to pass a balanced budget by june 15th. for some there's a hidden benefit for the new budget. let's bring in larry gersten. hidden benefit, i'm shocked. >> we all look at what was spent where and how but have you to go beyond that. perhaps the most important element isn't what was spent but cut. specifically you want to look at things like legislature reducing funding for child care programs. you're talking about $600 million. why do we care about there? federal law requires states to limit welfare to work systems to five years. last year the governor and legislature cut it to four years and now to two years. what's that mean when you cut something like that to two years? it's a statement.
7:46 am
liberaling are hitting the roof over this. saying, what are you doing to the poor people? this is awful, terrible. the ones who need it the most get the least. it underscores brown's commitment to cut spending to the bone. he's showing people that he's cutting everywhere he can, even where it really hurts. >> there's a fiscal reason to do it and a political reason to do it. there's a political reason to everything that happens in sacramento. what's the political reason? . >> that's why i'm here. there's a political reason. it's a master puppetieed tradeoff to get his proposals in the fall. he hopes if voters see him reducing funds everywhere, even where it hurts the most, they'll say, holy smokes, we really are in desperation, yes, maybe we'll go along with what you're asking. maybe we will. >> you have your finger on the
7:47 am
pulse of the voter. will the voter buy it or say, hey, you saved me, you know, a few billion here and now i'm going to vote this down and save myself a few more billion and we'll be great? >> here's where it gets so interesting. number one, probably the one word that offends people more than anything, welfare. so he cut welfare down. number two, these days, pengs. the public employees getting too much money when we don't have enough. now, what you can expect. take this to the bank. the governor will be working the legislature over like crazy over the next two or three months to say, we need massive pension reform. i can't tell you how it will take place. it could be a cap, getting more money from employees. one way or another, the governors can do everything possible to show her. we've gone to pension reform, now welfare reform prm, politics is the art of the possible.
7:48 am
it's also the art of compromise. what governor brown is trying to do here is form -- forge a compromise between himself and voters. he couldn't get help from legislature because republicans refuse to go along with raising taxes. the only other bargaining agent he has is voters respect he's saying, i've given you pension reform, i've given you welfare reform, mass reductions, please save our public education. >> i want to switch gears and head overseas. you heard breaking news about the election results in egypt. your immediate reaction? >> well, the question is, how much is morsi getting? mohammed morsi, brotherhood candidate, gets anointed president. wins the election. 51.7% of the vote. that's a statement itself. let's not forget the military has resumed control over this country. they have taken back a number of the powers that -- parliament's
7:49 am
been dissolved because the judiciary was a hangover of the mubarak administration didn't like what they saw with such a one-sided muslim majority so they've gone ahead sxh said, okay, we're going to say this person wins but the question is, how much power will he have? that's the story that remains to be told. >> and, i mean, when -- reading between the lines then, either way this way the election went, just because we had a democratic election, it didn't necessarily mean peace was going to follow or be a smooth transition or, this is great, we got to this point, there's democracy, everything's peaceful. >> right. 230 years we've been working on democracy in this country. you don't take a pill overnight. because there's an arab spring doesn't mean everything blossoms. takes many years, decades to create anything -- create any semblance of a democracy. this may be a step forward, may not be. all i'm saying is i don't think people should rush to judgment that everything is now
7:50 am
hunky-dory because this person is declared president. much more ahead on "today in the bay," why a sip of orange juice was the last straw. the good, bad and plenty of the ugly. we'll show you the top dog in a one-of-a-kind competition. speaking of the dog days of summer. here's a view of san jose this morning. patchy low clouds and a surprisingly cool forecast here to wrap up the weekend. wel have a look at that.
7:51 am
7:52 am
good morning, everyone, welcome back to the program. 7:52 is the time. looking out live over oakland this morning. rob promising sunny but coolish day for this part in the summer. let's also take a peek at golden gate bridge. traffic is light over there. if you are heading into san
7:53 am
francisco, be warned, with pride events, traffic and street closures can make things a bit messy. an east bay man was also -- almost beat ton a pulp this weekend over a glass of lemonade. police arrested a man after he allegedly made death threats. a woman asked the man for a little more lemon in his lemonade which got the vendor riled up. the woman's husband stepped up and the vendor threatened to beat him up and police stepped in. one of the largest independent bookstores is taking a break. m menlo park are remodels and hoping it will better seven the community. let's take a look at the sunday forecast with rob. >> we're looking at mainly clear skies around the bay area as we've been watching our temperatures this morning dropping off into some 40s. you can see we're at 46 around
7:54 am
santa rosa. half moon bay, 48 degrees. gilroy, 58 now. 52 in san jose. one thing that's different this morning, the wind. we don't have as strong of a sea breeze as yesterday morning so i think so before the sea breeze turns on, we should see a few more 70s popping up in inland valleys as we go through the afternoon. the most challenging forecast this week is happening right now in the gulf of mexico. we have tropical storm debby and the path continues to change by the hour. something we'll watch tomorrow into tuesday. the official track which will be a category 1 hurricane skirts is past louisiana, toward texas and now models are pushing it more towards new orleans and maybe even parts of the florida pan handle, mississippi and alabama. something to be watching closely over the next 24 to 36 hours. back to the bay area, the reason why things continue to stay quite cool is the spin of the clouds off our coast. not a tropical low. this is a cold trough of low
7:55 am
pressure which is anchored off the oregon coast. it's going to push toward northern california coastline tomorrow, which i think's going to drop our temperatures down even more. so, if the jet stream anchored over the upper half of the west coast, we can't warm up too much at all. in fact, all the heat in the record-breaking heat right now in the desert southwest out towards texas and southern plains. around the bay area today, winds picking up for the afternoon. gusty at times along the coast and peninsula, 60s around the inner bay. 70s inland out towards the solano county, alameda valley location. south of san jose, pretty nice. showers today still possible north of lake county as that system continues to rotate just offshore. our temperatures today, pretty comfortable. not too windy to start but the evening we'll see breezes picking up out of the northwest into san jose. trivalley looking nice, too, with the alameda county fair. should see numbers in the mid-70s, cooler towards the evening and around the north bay
7:56 am
and pen and tomorrow the area w pressure offshore pushes inland dropping our temperatures for monday and then tuesday into wednesday, high pressure will try to build back. what we should see for the middle part of the week, just like last week, the warmest day should be wednesday and maybe into thursday. we're only talking mid-80s inland so nothing too extreme. temperatures looking pretty comfortable as we go through the week and actually next weekend, another trough comes in toward the west coast which would lead to more cooling as we head towards next saturday and sunday. for all the outdoor events we've got today, looks great. breezy this afternoon. >> rob, thank you very much. >> you know what, things got ugly this weekend in the north bay. a new winner in the annual contest to find the world's ugliest dog, muggly, a chinese crested. he won $1,000, a trophy and a year's worth of doggy treats. the second time he's been
7:57 am
crowned. he won britain's ugliest dog contest back in 2005. and before we go this morning, want to give you one last look at breaking news out of egypt. a live look at tahrir square with the result of the country's first democratic election have been announced. islamist candidate mohammed morsi runs the presidential runoff with 51.7% of the vote. thank you for making us part of your morning this morning. we'll have more local news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00 and all day at [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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